Death threats from a London based terrorist [updated]

Death threats from a London based terrorist [updated]

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Today, I received a death threat from a London-based terrorist. The threat:

It’s in French. So he is probably from Algeria or Tunisia. Probably not UK-born otherwise the threat would’ve been in plain English.

Translation: “dirty dog apostate. If I see you in London, I will chop you head off dirty non-Muslim”

So if he would hope to see me in London, it means he is based there.

Let’s go to his profile at this URL:

In case, it’s deleted in the future, here is a screenshot:

I would like to peculiarly draw your attention on the header photo with horses: it is a claim that he is a terrorist. This depiction is common in the symbolism used by ISIS supporters.

Here is the religious background to understand where this symbol comes from:

In the Quran, verse 8:60 enjoins Muslims to prepare horses in order to terrorise their enemies.



A “steed” means horse: in Arabic, the word “khayl” is used which means “horses”

The horses are prepared to “terrify” the enemy. In Arabic, the word used is from “Irhab” which means terrorism (dictionary). Namely “Tourhibouna” which is nothing more than a conjugation of the verb “to terrorise” to the plural (you terrorise).

Google is not too bad:


Note that in some coranic translations, the word “terror” is smoothened a bit but in Arabic, it’s always the same. Here in Pickthall translation, the words “you terrorise” are replaced by ” ye may dismay”. This translation is totally misleading:

Remember: a group of horses in an Islamist context always symbolise support for terrorism.


The profile photo comes from this:


Once you enlarge the frame, you see the weapon. I don’t think this image needs further elaboration.



As an Arab standing against terrorism, this is my daily routine. There is no point pressing charges. The guy would either walk free or with a slap on the wrist but with all my personal details in his pocket. This is in the optimistic case where someone would care enough to subpoena Facebook then an ISP in order to strip this guy from his anonymity. Usually, no toss is given. This tells you why most Arabs in the West don’t criticise terrorism. The killers are among us and the societies we live in have surrendered without a fight.



I received this screenshot from a contact on Twitter:

This confirms my initial assessment that he is Algerian. Here, he is commenting on tan Algerian soccer fans page. The command reads: “Page of haramistes* who prefer to focus their interest on football rather than tawhid and sunnah”.

* The word haramist is a recent invention. It comes from the root “haram” which means “religiously forbidden”. The haramist is the one who practices haram.

He is in line with ISIS policy. Hope the British authorities are not going to ignore this guy any longer. He clearly has a blood thirst and sooner or later he will kill.

6 thoughts on “Death threats from a London based terrorist [updated]

  1. It is awful, though not surprising that has happened to you in respect to the threat, as is usual when someone speaks truth on these matters.
    However, your article, which breaks down and explains the imagery of the steeds is excellent, as I would never have known that, even though I have done quite a lot of research about islam. Keep this magnificent blog going!

    1. Thank you for continuous support. The symbolism used by terrorists and their supporters is based on language (Arabic), culture and religion. As you see, it’s possible to miss messages or their symbols even when we’ve done a lot of research.

  2. Thanks for this analysis. It’s a pity to have to fear for your life if you expose your ideas, simple, honest, peaceful ideas. I hope the best for you.
    By the way, “And prepare” from Q 8:60 are also crucial words for the “Ikwan Al-Muslimin” or “Muslim Brothers”. Same ideology it seems.
    It’s just incredible that in the west, these things (omnipresence of Muslim Brothers and their ideology in the west, omnipresence of deaththreats towards freethinkers on behalf of this ideology) have been made possible.

    1. He is gone, thank you! I didn’t report him to Facebook. Usually, it’s useless. I reported death threats in the past and they just responded to me after a few hours that they weren’t against their terms of service…

  3. Hi, I didn’t report him neither, so somebody else did, or internal facebook controls, or, perhaps, the guy himself decided to delete the account…
    Anyway, it’s just incredible to see such deaththreats flourish on the web.

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