Extremist Islam is a Death Cult

Extremist Islam is a Death Cult

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I would like to peculiarly draw your attention on this short Facebook exchange I grabbed in a thread about London terror attack (The Westminster Bridge one):


  • Abdelhak: Takbir!!! [a call to others to shout “Allah Akbar”]
  • Khaled: You are the enemy of life!
  • Abdelhak: You are right my friend! I hate life to a point you can’t imagine


This is the kind of people recruited for terrorism. They don’t hide. That’s why after each and every attack the police would tell you “he was known”. They are known because they are open about their affiliations and even their projects but the police is unable to take action. If I spend time online, I can find one terror supporter living in the West every 30 minutes with some talking about future projects like this one. There are so many of them and current laws are unable to deal with the threat they represent. How can you use current laws to deal with people who think you are Crusaders??? They live in a very distant past. They know that current laws are unable to deal with them. That’s why they advance more and more openly.

Islam as death cult is a very ancient idea. It came literally from the first caliph Abu Bakr and was advanced by generations of rulers and political leaders. As the Islamic world lived in near constant war for expansion and domination, Muslims have been taught that the best thing they can do is to join these wars and die “for Allah”. This created a deeply rooted religious tradition of dying for the caliph. Because in practice, “dying for Allah” meant attacking other peoples to bring slaves, women and caravan of loot for the political elite. [Why in your opinion more people joined ISIS than AlQaida? Because ISIS used the magic keyword “Caliph”. Millions have been prepared since their childhood to react to this word.]

Let’s consider the following document. It’s from a book of Ibn Abi Chayba, Al Moussanaf, volume 11, page 251. Needless to say that this important Sunni book is NOT available in any other language than Arabic. Funny that tonnes of petro$$$ are spent to promote these books but never to translate them. The average western people are attacked by a doctrine they can’t even read and most often than not they defend it!

This is part of a letter wrote by Khalid ibn alWalid to the Persians. The part in yellow translates this way: “when you receive this letter, send me a security deposit, become my dhimmis and bring al-jizya to me. If you don’t comply, I swear in the name of Allah that I will walk to you with people who love death more than you love life“.

Khalid ibn alWalid was a mercenary of the first Sunni caliph then others after him. He used terror that inspires ISIS to this day. His speciality was burning people alive, using human heads to support his barbeque fire, raping women near the dead bodies of their husbands and eating on bodies. All this is proudly documented in Sunni books that praise him.

Today, there are plenty of terror groups that call themselves after Khalid bin alWalid and follow his tradition. They are found in Syria, Iraq, Indonesia… etc. Just an example from this terror tracking website:

And, at the same time, many kindergartens and primary schools in the Arab world are named after him:

As a Muslim little kid, since you open your eyes, everything around you is just veneration of caliphs and even their mercenaries. Your family, your school, your TV, your mosque, your Government, your images books… all teach you the same thing: you bless these people when you hear their names and you never ever, even deep inside yourself, question anything about them.

When this kid becomes an adult, he still bears in within himself a profound veneration of the ancient Arab political establishment. Since the pharaohs, no other religion, cult or creed give so much veneration to the political elite than Sunni Islam. This adult has flawed or inverted moral references. He doesn’t distinguish between good and wrong or good and evil. His human conscience and free will have been destroyed long time ago. For him, anything that old texts and caliphs tradition define as good is good. Terrorist groups know that and that’s why it’s easy for them to use the correct terminology, press the right mental buttons to radicalise some Muslim in no time.

Often security services are surprised how quickly some individual become “radicalised”. It’s not difficult to understand if you consider that their families, societies and even State institutions did 90% of the job already. There plenty of Muslims who venerate death and their dearest wish is to obtain a “shahada”. Which in practice means “dying for a caliph” as past generations did. Each single of them is a ticking time bomb.



As long as the Western world celebrate its ignorance and defend the same ideas as Islamists, it will be difficult to do anything.

Myself, by individual effort, I steered many Muslims away from radicalism by opening their eyes on how they have been lied to for generations. I would go like that:

  • Would rape your own brother?
  • Hell no?!! Why do you ask that
  • Well, because a caliph used to rape his brother and as anything they do is good…
  • That can’t be true!!! You are a bloody liar!
  • Here is a book, from your religion, you can find a copy at your mosque. What do you read here? He raped who? His brother. In plain text.
  • Crazy! It’s hard to believe
  • Yeah, they lied to you as they lied to your parents. Do you know Medina?
  • Yes, this is where our prophet is entered. A holy place.
  • Do you know that a caliph sent an army of rapists who raped one by one the women of this holy city?
  • You invented that to smear our beloved caliphs may God bless them!!!
  • Well, let me take another book from your mosque. What do you read here? They raped thousands of them for 3 days. I didn’t write this myself. It’s official…



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