I found a terrorist on Facebook

I found a terrorist on Facebook

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Europe is rotten by terrorism. They are not even hiding. They are proudly claiming their affiliations and sharing their intention of future terrorists attacks in social media. What would happen to them? Strictly nothing. Worst case scenario, some cop would put a note about them in a computer so later, when they kill people, the media would tell you “he was known by some security services”.

Here is an example. I went reading the Facebook thread under the Al Jazeera video about London terror attack. A guy was very vocal in his support for the terrorists:

I am using “more disastrous and more bitter” because the guy used this expression from the Koran (54:46). Here is the official translation:

The word “salaf” means “our ancestors” and in the same time, tells you that the guy is a Salafi, one of the most extremist school in Islam. That’s the difficulty with Arabic. Without using cultural and religious references, it’s impossible to get a meaningful translations.

He is clearly in rush and maybe in the way to commit or assist the commission of a more atrocious attack than the one that happened yesterday in London. He is claiming it in Facebook.

Let’s click on his profile now. Most of it is public:

He is from Ai Hoceima, Morocco (wiki) and lives in Brussels, Belgium. He is the owner of “Pizza Chaplin”. He opened it last year and his friends were congratulating him.

The address of the pizzeria is: rue Comte de Flandre 67, 1080 Molenbeek, Bruxelles.

Do you know Molenbeek? It’s the area where most jihadists came from. It’s a terrorists heaven in the heart of Europe. The terrorists who attacked Paris came from there (link, BBC, Time)

I can find people like that by dozens but it’s useless. Police don’t approach them. They are free to announce their intentions, prepare then kill in total impunity.

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