Jihad as a spiritual effort : it’s a lie

Jihad as a spiritual effort : it’s a lie

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Sometimes when you try to warn western people about jihad, they show you their most condescending smile and tell you the following: “In Islam, there are the small and the big jihad. The armed jihad is the small one. The big jihad is nothing more than the struggle with oneself to become a better person. The true meaning of jihad involves no violence. It’s a spiritual fight”. 

I hope you never believed that! Otherwise, you would be claiming that 1400 of History are based on a misunderstanding of a single word.

Let’s see what Ibn Taymiya has to say on this topic. Ibn Taymiya (1263 – 1328 CE) is the most read author by Salafi Muslims. Billions of petro$$$ were spent on promoting this shadowy personality, reprinting his books and even shooting 30-episode movies about him… that he became one of the most quoted sources in the Muslim world. Mosques have been named after him and even kids know his name. Despite his constant justification of terror and killing for religion, he became a mainstream and authoritative source for millions. Here is what he wrote about the statement above:

“The Hadith circulated by some that [the prophet] said at the battle of Tabuk “we returned from the small jihad to the big jihad” has no reliable source. No one among the people who know what the prophet used to say and used to do narrated this hadith. Jihad against the unbelievers is one the most important actions. It’s even the best thing a human can do…”

You don’t have to take my word for it. It’s in his important book available only in Arabic: “Majmoua al Fatawi”, volume 11, page 197. Here is the page:

Do you want the whole book? Click here to download it as a PDF. I have nothing to hide.

Let’s take the opinion of another Salafi source. Muhammad ibn al Uthaymeen is of recent memory. He died in 2001. He was an imam and a teacher at the famous Mecca mosque. Until his death, he was a member of a Saudi “Grand Islamic Scholars” group created by Royal appointment. I mean this guy has more credentials than your average apologist. Here is what he wrote about that:

“Some so-called hadiths are not. They are very weak or even fake/invented. Among these “we returned from the small jihad to the big jihad””

Source: Fatawi al-Uthaymine (available only in Arabic), volume 27 page 498

Here is a screenshot of the page:

You can download the full PDF by clicking here.

I can add more sources such as the very mainstream “Al Bayhaqi” who says similar in his book “Al Zahd al Kabir”, page 165. [Ask in a comment of you want the PDF or a screenshot].

Research and comparative reading of many authoritative Islamic books don’t leave any room for doubt: jihad is about violence and about killing for religion. I wish I could tell you otherwise. I understand why some apologists try to sell a different point of view in the hope that Muslims would buy it and reject violence. But it’s not working and it will never work as you stand-up against walls of authoritative books and eminent scholars. Sunni Islam contains violence in its DNA. Terrorists are not misreading or misinterpreting. It’s maybe time to wake up and do something about it. Non-Muslims and ex-Muslims from the Arab world can help you once you stop selling your soul to buy an impossible peace with extremists who want to destroy you.

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