Media show bodies of dogs and Muslims. Never white people!

Media show bodies of dogs and Muslims. Never white people!

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The rule in the mainstream media seems: when it comes to showing bodies after terrorist attacks or accidents, show only Arabs and animals. Respect “White” people by blurring bodies or using photos of covered bodies.

During this week, two atrocities made it to the headlines:

  • Gas (sarin or chlorine) attack in Idlib, Syria
  • Truck attack in Stockholm, Sweden

I compared the coverage of both events in the British and American media. The bias is the same : Arabs are meat and don’t deserve any dignity. Show bodies as much as you want but don’t ever show the body of a white person. Proof:

Pile of Arab kids. The screenshot is from the DailyMail main page:


The same DailyMail blurs an image when it shows a Western person:


Dignity! A Doctor walking calmly, head bowing down, in immaculate white, bodies are covered:


Same atrocity as covered by the New York Times: bodies covered. Police working in good order:


New York Times: dead Arab girl. No blur.

Syria in New York Times: bodies in morgues are usually covered from head to toes. Here, the faces have been uncovered probably for the photo:


Another news outlet, The Sun: Sweden. The page shows no dead bodies. They are either covered or out of the frame:


Out of the frame. The casualty is probably on the left but out of the frame:


The Sun about a recent tragedy in Myanmar (a boat sunk killing 20 people). Notice how the face of the victim is blurred.

The Sun, Arab victim, no blur:


You can search more or observe the coverage of future events and you will notice this pattern.

Why they don’t blur or hide Arab bodies? It’s a technique called “animalification” or dehumanisation if you prefer a word from the dictionary. It’s an expression of a deeply rooted institutional racism. By showing dead Arabs continuously, the public will be progressively desensitised to see them dead. People will give less importance to a life of an Arab. He will be considered less human or a human of lesser value.

Showing a dead dog is also OK (from the DailyMail, this page):


The Manchester Evening News blurs a dead dog:


Metro shows the dog (Link):


Metro shows a dead Arab kid in Syria (link)


Metro blurs a Swedish casualty:

I think you got the point by now.


One thought on “Media show bodies of dogs and Muslims. Never white people!

  1. Yes, you give evidence of a double standard in the western media about showing/not showing victims of violence etc. One interpretation could indeed be: “arabs” don’t deserve the respect due to other human beings, so we show them. I’m not sure media function in this way. As a rule, not showing is a sign of respect for the victim. But, I think there’s a real intention, based on emotion: media won’t show victims of jihad attacks in the west, because there’s a risk of hostility against islam. Blurring the victims attenuates the emotion. Showing them would be considered as “bad”. On the other side, showing drowned fugitives (Aylan), young victims of the war in Syria, is considered as “good”, because it promotes “good” ideas: Europe should open its borders, Europe should help the rebels against Assad in Syria. So, I don’t think this is a case of “animalisation”, but simply a case of managing the emotions of the public. Possible hostility against islam ? -> filtering out. Promote open borders ? -> filtering in. Promoting against Assad ? -> filtering in.

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