Migrants, an Infinite Demographic Overflow

Migrants, an Infinite Demographic Overflow

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In my country, I have seen women having a baby in January and a second one November of the same year. People were making babies as if the humanity was on the brink of extinction.

Down South in Africa, the situation was even worse. For centuries, people were making a lot of babies because most of them didn’t survive due to horrendous or non-existent public health systems. Then came in the charities from the West. These charities were totally in their role by helping to improve sanitary conditions, provide water, medical services, vaccination, train local health professionals… and as result, the survival rate dramatically increased. This mission was very commendable but it didn’t come with a change in mentalities or cultures.

  • Before, a women would make 9 babies and 2 would survive to the adulthood.
  • Now, she continues making 9 but 8 would survive.

The poorest areas found themselves with increasingly large population fighting for miserable ressources and non existent infrastructures.

I like the cake analogy: the economy is like a cake that the population shares. If the population grows faster than the cake, the shares becomes smaller and smaller for everyone. This creates an unbearable social tension that most often than not ends in civil wars. You would see expandable kids under influence driving Jeeps and going to fight senseless wars for some rich lords.

More and more people are born in countries that are unable to offer them any means to realise a decent future. They can’t study, they can’t find a place of work, they can’t have a house of their own, they don’t have access to health care… etc.

This demographic overflow is now being directed to Europe. It’s constituted mainly of the most desperate members of the poorest societies. Most of them are illiterate, have no formal training or professional experience and suffer from some form of physical or mental ailments. The worst is that despite the precarious situation of their home countries, they still believe that their culture, religion, social practices… are so good that they deserve spreading the world. So when they land in a country which could be Italy, France, or Germany… they are not going to change their ways. As result, they would bring with them all the social issues that caused the demise of their home countries in first place. Western Government are throwing billions at them without fixing anything. Ultimately this is just a demographic overflow that needs housing, benefits and health care for life.

This migrants thing is not a temporary crisis. It’s something much deeper than that and it’s here to stay. As millions want to cross the sea and many drown, millions of women are making more babies at an unbelievable pace. The softest countries are going to receive the biggest share. The sky’s the limit.



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