Terror attack in London: what if we stop compromising with terrorism?

Terror attack in London: what if we stop compromising with terrorism?

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The whole world needs to take a unique, clear and uncompromising position against terrorism.

Here is an article from AFP reproduced by the Australian news outlet ABC: Article It’s from March 2015 and the title is : “Five people injured after driver rams car into pedestrians in Jerusalem”. You can read it carefully and control-F as much you want, the word terrorist is not used. There is even a lame attempt to introduce some justification:

As an Arab, I am not even sure I can visit Israel. I am not supposed to care about this country but still a terrorist attack is a terrorist attack. When we start finding justifications for terror, we are slowly leaning to the wrong side.

When terrorists from 80 different countries attacked Syria, what did we hear about them? They were “Syrian rebels fighting for their freedom to establish democracy in Syria”. Many western countries sent them money, weapons and intelligence. This caused the creation of ISIS, the most powerful terrorist group in recent History. In the same time, these terrorists were slaughtering entire cities in Syria and proudly sharing their crimes in social media. Russia became the new “axis of evil” when it stood against these terrorist groups so cherished in some Western capitals.

Arab societies are also to blame. I was watching the live on Al Jareera Channel and hundreds of people were just loving it. Who is going to throw the first stone at them? The ones who supported ISIS for so many years? The one who wouldn’t use the term “terrorist” when Israelis are killed?


They eventually disabled the “likes” and other emotions to avoid further embarrassment.

In our Arab societies, generations of living under oppression made us side with the injustice; always. There is a culture of injustice that is deeply rooted in our societies. Any extremist and hateful propaganda easily finds people to follow it and give it credit. Millions of kids are thought from early age that the best thing that someone can do in his life is “djihad for Allah”. No wonder some of them become terrorists later.

I will follow-up when more information becomes available.


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