The caliph who buried his daughter alive…

The caliph who buried his daughter alive…

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When you grow up in a Muslim country, one of the models your parents use frequently is the “Caliph”. Our religion was so rotten by the political establishment over the ages that caliphs, sultans, viziers… and any ancient Arab political leader became some sort of divinity. According to the most serious Islamic teachings, these political leaders are above the divine justice. These teachings were written on order for the elites by clerics who were on their payroll. Still, they are considered as coming from God or Allah if you will.

I was about 6 or 7 when I was told the story of our most respected caliph Umar Ibn al-Khattab (583 – 644). His heart was as big as the sky. Such a good man. You know, my son, he was so kind that he used to cry every time he remembered when he buried his daughter alive.

[this moment when you are a kid and you realise that your parents brain is FUBAR]

The story your parent tells you goes like this: she was about 5. He took her with him to the desert and started digging. Not realising what he was doing, she helped him by removing the sand from his long beard [The ISIS-style one]. Then, he pushed her in the grave and buried her alive.

[this moment when you realise that your parents are raping your humanity out of you]

Then, for good measure, they tell you that the Arabs used to bury their daughters alive to avoid them bringing shame to the family. Then the Islam came in and stopped this all together. As matter of facts, this has been proven untrue by recent studies. This myth of Arabs killing their daughters were created for one reason : to exonerate Umar by making his crime a generality in his era. The only one who killed his daughter is Umar because he hatted women. There are plenty of stories about him in the Islamic literature describing him beating, humiliating and torturing various women.

For the Salafi school, this guy, Umar, is the officious prophet of Islam. Ibn Taymiyah, one of the major ideologists of this movement, states in one of his books that Umar used to receive direct instructions from God. This means, from the theological point of view, that he is indeed a prophet or sort of.

If you want to know the ultimate source of hatred and the prejudice against women in islamic societies, search no more. Start from Umar and follow the thread…

PS: you need to know that a caliph is not just some who is going to rule for some years, then goes away. During his rule, he is going to introduce changes to the Islamic religion. This changes will be perpetuated forever. Just observe the Muslims during the Ramadan month, when they go for a night prayer at the mosque. This prayer, called Tarawih, has no basis in the Koran or the prophetic tradition. It was invented by the caliph Umar and became an integral part of the Ramadan practice. Caliph after caliph, the islamic religion was progressively modified. It’s not true to say that Islam was permanently defined 1400 years ago! Ibn Taymiyah lived 700 years ago and he deeply influenced islamic teachings. 

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